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Rob presenting in Bangalore, India at the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association High Performance Program

Inside the Zone Performance Group was born out of a passion and genuine intention to be a resource for athletes, parents and coaches. In establishing Inside the Zone, the goal was to provide an approachable resource for:

  • Athletes of all sports and ages to refer to with questions on the mental game

  • Parents to refer to as they navigate the process of raising a competitive child

  • Coaches to gain ideas regarding how to best coach the current “millennial generation” of players


Let’s face it! The mental side plays a crucial role in any sport, and it’s not easy to navigate, especially as a middle school, high school, college or club player. In fact, with all the increased specialization among sports, development of club teams, and physical training advancements, it is mind-boggling that the most critical issues regarding the mental game and competition among young athletes have not been addressed. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Competing under pressure

  • Handling setbacks and using them to bounce back

  • Concentrating under pressure

  • Staying centered, focusing on the process of growth instead of the scoreboard

  • Crafting strategies for goal setting, and reaching beyond self-imposed barriers toward limitless peak potential.

  • Resolving performance blocks like the yips, choking, and freezing

A few key principles I believe in include:

  • The athlete is a person first and a performer second

  • The athlete isn’t broken, nor do they need to be fixed; however, they often need help to uncover their true potential

  • Setbacks, obstacles, and failure are a learning tool and part of the process.

  • A highly functioning parent, coach, player triad is key for lasting success

  • Success comes when an athlete focuses on what they can control

  • Choice and personal responsibility fuel a person’s success

  • Self-awareness is imperative for change

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