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Tennis Inside the Zone

Becoming More Than an Athlete

July 26 - July 31, 2020 Rhinebeck, NY

Learn to relax in this Family Week tennis workshop as you find your way inside the zone with Rob Polishook.​

Imagine being aware, balanced, and calm while playing tennis? Moving with ease and being adaptable during competition? Experiencing freedom and joy in the game?

Learn the innovative “More Than an Athlete” approach by Rob Polishook and discover how to “play” the game while focused on the process, in the present moment, and connecting to yourself. Through ball drills, group games, centering activities, rhythmic music, and positive practice, you learn how to support and encourage yourself (both on and off the court), play loose, and concentrate on what you can control.

This energetic workshop is for tennis players of all skill and experience levels.

Rob Polishook In The News

Fields of Fear

The story of former professional baseball player/ NY Met Mackey Sasser, his throwing yips, and redemption. Directed by Academy Award® winning producer Alex Gibney. Click Here to watch the full "30 For 30 Shorts" documentary originally aired September 16, 2014 on ESPN.

Rob Polishook OnESPN Radio
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