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Mental Training


Dr. Alan Goldberg is one of the top mental training coaches in the United States. He has worked with thousands of athletes including olympic, college and professional athletes. Alan has written numerous books, articles and conducted workshops all over the country. I met Alan through David Grand. He has mentored me and taught me that what you see in a person is a reflection of what they are experiencing. Being present, compassionate and empathetic is where the opportunity for healing and peak performance can begin.


Dr. David Grand is a world renowned psychotherapist who specialized in the area of trauma, specifically how emotional and physical (injuries) trauma-like experiences impede creativity and performance in athletes. He is the creator of a cutting edge technique called brainspotting. This technique guides the athlete to identify and release where in the brain/body they are consciously or subconsciously holding stress/traumas, which are the underlying cause to performance blocks. As a mentor, David has taught me the importance of understanding that an athlete is a person first and performer second and how this relates to eradicating even the most deep-seated slumps, yips and blocks.        


Dr. Jerry Lynch is one of the top Sport Psychology Consultants in the United States. He has worked with forty-four college teams that have gone to the final four and thirty-four national championship teams. His work is well regarded nationally as well as internationally in all sports. He is the author of ten books including his latest: Spirit of a Dancing Warrior. Jerry has been a mentor to me and has taught me the importance of trusting yourself, your teammates, and your individual and team process. Additionally, he has shown me the importance of serving with genuine intentions, and allowing those intentions to protect you when things may not have gone as planned.

Tennis Links


College Tennis Exposure Camp is the only camp in the United States where the top college coaches in the country are the instructors. In addition to great exposure to college coaches players learn the skills and attributes necessary to compete at the college level. Founder Ed Krass brings immense amounts of energy to his program.


One on One Doubles was founded by Ed Krass, former Harvard Tennis Coach. It is the new game of tennis and has been featured in USTA tournaments and recently at the US Open. One on One double is a serve and volley game which focuses on the all court game. It is played to rockin' blues music!

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