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Without Limits!

That's me skying above the Taj Mahal!

I started Inside The Zone Sports Performance Group because I love working with athletes, I love sports, and I love helping people reach beyond what they and others previously had thought was possible. 


Inside the Zone Performance Group was born out of a passion and genuine intention to be a resource for athletes, parents and coaches. The mission is to address athletes performance blocks. The result leads to a performer’s increased confidence, newfound passion, sense of empowerment, and the ultimate attainment of their goals. In establishing Inside the Zone, the goal was to provide an approachable resource for:

  • Athletes of all sports and ages to refer to with questions on the mental game

  • Parents to refer to as they navigate the process of raising a competitive child

  • Coaches to gain ideas regarding how to best coach the current “millennial generation” of players

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Rob presenting in Bangalore, India at the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association High Performance Program

Let’s face it! The mental side plays a crucial role in any sport, and it’s not easy to navigate, especially as a middle school, high school, college or club player. In fact, with all the increased specialization among sports, development of club teams, and physical training advancements, it is mind-boggling that the most critical issues regarding the mental game and competition among young athletes have not been addressed. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Competing under pressure

  • Handling setbacks and using them to bounce back

  • Concentrating under pressure

  • Staying centered, focusing on the process of growth instead of the scoreboard

  • Crafting strategies for goal setting, and reaching beyond self-imposed barriers toward limitless peak potential.

  • Resolving performance blocks like the yips, choking, and freezing

A few key principles I believe in include:

  • The athlete is a person first and a performer second

  • The athlete isn’t broken, nor do they need to be fixed; however, they often need help to uncover their true potential

  • Setbacks, obstacles, and failure are a learning tool and part of the process.

  • A highly functioning parent, coach, player triad is key for lasting success

  • Success comes when an athlete focuses on what they can control

  • Choice and personal responsibility fuel a person’s success

  • Self-awareness is imperative for change

hi_im_rob tennis beach.jpg

As a mental training coach, I work with athletes and teams in all sports and at all levels, from middle school to professional athletes specifically on issues like Yips (baseball, golf and tennis yips) Performance Blocks and slumps. Rob provides consulting, workshops, coaching, and much more. I teach cutting edge mental training skills, techniques and provide the tools necessary for athletes to compete in high level pressure situations.


My unique approach recognizes that life events such as stress, injuries, fears and emotional/physical trauma-like experiences can affect an athlete’s self esteem, confidence, and performance during competitive situations. I help athletes release these blocks so they can play free - like they did while learning the game in the first place. 


This approach encourages athletes and teams to adopt a relaxed and confident manner, reaching towards a place without boundaries and limits. Ultimately, this means that athletes are able to reach a point where they do not over-think competition or results, but trust their hours of practice, preparation, and instincts.

hi_im_rob_3 graduation.jpg

Rob Polishook, MA, CPC wearing his finest shoes and ITZ shirt for his Seton Hall Masters Graduation. He was awarded distinguished student of the year second last year.

Rob's Bio

Rob has earned a Masters degree (MA) in Psychological Studies with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Seton Hall University (SHU), and has completed his Certification in Sport Psychology from SHU. He is a Certified Professional Coach from IPEC, an International Federation Coaching Affiliate. Additionally, he has received his certifications in the following body based modalities:  Somatic Experiencing, Focusing, and Brainspotting. His undergraduate degree is from Tulane University.

Through Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group, Rob works with athletes, parents and coaches in one on one consultation sessions. Additionally for athletes, parents, coaches, and teams he conducts workshops, interactive group circles, seminars and keynote speeches   Nationally, Rob has presented workshops for Seton Hall, Drew University and other college, high school, and club programs. Additionally, Rob has presented at the US Open for the USPTA Eastern Division Coaches, USTA CTC programs and the annual Intercollegiate Association (ITA) conference for college coaches in Naples, FL and the annual NJSIAA conference for New Jersey High School Tennis coaches. Each summer he  conducts a week long workshop called ‘Tennis Inside the Zone- Unleashing the Player Within’ at the highly acclaimed Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY,  (see events section).

Internationally, he has presented innovative sport performance workshops and seminars.

Most recently, he presented to India's top junior players in Bangalore, at the Karnataka Lawn and Tennis Association and in Israel, to the Israeli Tennis Center coaches, junior players, and sport psychology staff at their flagship location in Ramat Harashon, Israel.


Rob’s articles have been published by the USPTA, ITA, USTA and other nationwide publications (see news section). Rob is an accomplished 5.0 tennis player and USPTA certified coach. He has coached the NJ State Champion in 2006, and received the 2007 Coach of the Year Award for high school women’s tennis. He also received the 2008 USPTA Eastern Division High School Coach of the Year Award. He continues to coach the 16 and under USTA- Eastern zonal team.

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