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The Journey Begins INSIDE THE ZONE!

Fields of Fear

The story of former professional baseball player/ NY Met Mackey Sasser, his throwing yips, and redemption. Directed by Academy Award® winning producer Alex Gibney. Click Here to watch the full "30 For 30 Shorts" documentary originally aired September 16, 2014 on ESPN.



32 Mental Training Workouts

for Champions

by Rob Polishook - MA, CPC

Pickleball Inside the Zone’s highly interactive format offers individualized mental training articles, quotes, stories, drills and worksheets which will help you craft a unique mental approach  to being you're best on and off the court. The book will help you to bounce back effortlessly after challenging situations, avoid getting down after losing a lead, and maintain your composure under pressure and adversity.

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32 Mental Training Workouts

for Champions
by Rob Polishook - MA, CPC

This book is an interactive journaling workbook designed to help players gain the mental edge, it includes 32 unique and fun mental skills workouts. Each workout will help players gain a level of awareness and improve their on-off court mental practices. The process will help the athlete better understand their game so they can move beyond self-imposed limitations, unlock the mystery to the mental game, take their game to another level.

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32 Mental Training Workouts

for Champions
by Rob Polishook - MA, CPC

This is the first book of its kind that allows you to be the golfer, coach and champion of your own game. It empowers you to really look deep inside yourself in order for the best you to emerge and to play your best game.

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33 Mental Training Workouts

for Champions

by Rob Polishook - MA, CPC

The first book of its kind that allows the athlete to be the player, the coach and the champion of his/her game. It empowers players to be the best version of themselves on and off the field. This highly interactive format offers individualized mental training exercises, quotes from the pros about their individual experiences, as well as key principles and mental strategies to help each player overcome challenges. 

Are you looking for an EDGE when you compete? Most athletes believe the mental game accounts for between 50 and 99% of competition. If this is so, don’t you owe it to yourself, your team, or your kids to better understand how to maximize and unlock the mystery of the mental game?


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Rob presented to the sport psychology staff, coaches, and players during his trip to the Israeli Tennis Center in Ramat Hasharon (Rob fifth to the left)


A strong, focused mental game is the glue that holds everything together. It’s the difference between winning and losing.


When was the last time you played relaxed and free, inside the zone? You know…that effortless place when nothing could go wrong, you didn’t over think, your movements felt like cool running water, and the ball seemed to be traveling in slow motion… 


Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group can help you, your team or group with:

  • Cutting edge mental training skills, techniques, and tools

  • Uncovering and trusting you and your teams unique abilities, skills, and personal process

  • Releasing mental/psychological performance blocks, chokes, and nerves such as golf yips, putting yips, baseball-throwing yips, tennis serving yips, (see yips.chokes.blocks section highlighting Mackey Sasser story

  • Overcoming psychological impact of sports injuries, sports trauma, and sports mental and psychological slumps

  • Overcoming issues such as "catcher cant throw", "pitcher throws wild", Steve Blass disease, "wild throws" and "double faults."

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Rob's wife, Debbie, running Inside The Zone at the 2009 NYC marathon!


Bookmark us now…Sign up to receive sports mental training news, quotes, and ideas. As well as cutting edge information on resolving performance blocks, overcoming sports trauma, and mental/psychological slumps. All this will help you successfully navigate through your competitive journey. Contact me to talk about how together we can create an impactful mental training program that is best for you, your team or your group in which you can UNLEASH THE COMPETITOR WITHIN! 

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